About The Yoga and Pilates Place

It all started on a winter night in early December, when I looked out the window and saw the snow coming down with its own unique motivation. It was a that moment where I recognized change, and how the earth constantly is changing and motivating us to better ourselves.

As I felt a cold gaze from the wind chill that came through the window cracks, I noticed a reflection in the mirror, and it was me.

I thought to myself "the earth is ever-so changing, so why can't I?"

And that was the moment where I made my transformation, a better transformation. I have used Pilates and Yoga to center me and now I have found my natural body weight and my mind is more clear than a spring night in Colorado. 

But my transformation wasn't enough. I knew I could do more and help others. 
So I decided to start this community where people help people make that transformation in their lives to improve their health, lifestyle and overall feelings towards the world we live in. 

Let's all help each other make that better transformation.

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